BAM Clough areas of operation projects


For over 50 years the BAM Clough Joint Venture has been successfully delivering major marine projects to some of the world's largest resource clients in Australia and South East Asia.



The secret to success for this long term partnership is the combination of local and international technical expertise in marine facility design and construction and an enduring commitment to quality. With a combined local and international workforce of over 30,000 people, state of the art design and construction methods and technologically advanced equipment, BAM Clough present a low risk, high quality option for client marine infrastructure challenges.

The BAM Clough partnership also leverages the worldwide facilities of each partner. These include PT BAM Decorient in Indonesia for large-scale precast concrete fabrication, Sattahip Fabrication Yard in Thailand for structural steel and module fabrication and Delta Marine Consultants in the Netherlands for marine design expertise.


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